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Fastest News App

Instant loading of News. Much faster than other news apps

Simple UI

Minimal design and less options. Run the app and read the news

Unlimited Scroll

Scroll up and down to browse news within a category. Unlimited scroll

Swipe Between Categories

Swipe left and right to browse news in different categories

News Category Selection

Turn news on or off from a specific category.

Instant Search

Search option on the top bar to find news as per your interest

Share News

Share button on top right corner to share the news

Source news browser

Source news browser to read the complete news.

Bookmark Manager

Bookmark manager to save and manage links to your favorite news for future reference.

Two List Views

Small & Large List View


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"This is really amazing one I have ever seen. Here I find everything about science. I love it so much and feel very happy."
— Susan
Ben Vickery
"Great current articles, easy to read, peer reviewed. Very good application"
— Ben Vickery
Alec Gierzynsk
"Excellent source of science news! Easy to use, easy to customize topics, and I haven't seen one fake or unsupported story yet. Finally something interesting to read on my phone"
— Alec Gierzynsk
Michael Gallimore
Informative when i need to be informed! Great app 👍😊🐧🤘
— Michael Gallimore
Minilkumar Rathod
In love with news updates! Great job! As a teacher its great to update with current breakthroughs in field and sharing it with students!
— Minilkumar Rathod


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