1. What is Science News App?

Science News App is a Science News reader which gather news from hundreds of authentic science news websites and list them in one app for you.

2. How Science News App works?

1. Our app collects news from hundreds of reputable science news websites, categorize them and present them to you in one place.
2. This save you time & provides you complete coverage of the world of science in one single app along with many other features such as search, bookmarks, news filters etc.
3. As we do not own the copyrights of the news, we are not legally allowed to show the complete news in our app. For this purpose we display a news summary to you and if you want to read the complete news then you have to tap the “Continue Reading”. When you tap the “Continue Reading”, an in app browser opens up the news from the news source website. So every time you tap “Continue Reading”, you are actually visiting the news source website within our app. This is how all news aggregators app works.

3. Why the Ads?

1. Our app is supported by a backend Computer Server that collects all the news and deliver it to the app. This server has monthly recurring cost that we have to pay in order to keep the app running.
2. We also incur app development cost from time to time in order to keep the app compatible with latest android version and phone.
3. Furthermore, a dedicated team of Support Staff monitors the app & provide support to more than 50 thousand active users.
4. All the above costs are financed by the earnings made from the display of ads within the app. It is due to these ads that the app is available free of cost.
5. For users who do not like ads, we have the option to remove ads by purchasing a subscription. This subscription not only remove the ads from within the app but also enables certain additional features. Our loss of revenue from removing the ads is compensated by the subscription price you pay.

4. How to remove ads?

Ads can be removed by purchasing a subscription.Subscription can be purchased by tapping the “Remove Ads/ Premium” in the right drawer menu.

5. Why there are Ads in complete news?

1. As stated above you read the complete news from the news source website within the in-app browser.
2. The Ads on the news source websites are placed by the website owners, not by us. So we cannot remove them.
3. When you purchase a subscription all the ads within the app are removed and those within the news source websites are not removed.

6. How to report an issue or error?

You can report an issue or error via the “Contact Us” option in the right drawer menu or through email “”

7. Troubleshooting

If news are not loading the please make sure that:

  • Your phone is connected to the internet.
  • You have the latest version of your app.
  • Exit the app and run it again.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • If the above steps do not solve the issue please get in touch with us via email “”