Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Science News Daily App?
"Science News Daily" aggregates news from hundreds of science news sources and presents them in one single app. Thus saving you the time of visiting hundreds of science news websites and not miss any latest science news.
2What are the news sources?
You can view the list of news sources & their contact information by visiting the link: http://appsfornexus.com/science-news-publishing-source-and-contact-information/
3Why so many Ads?
With Ads we earn money. This money helps in meeting the app development cost, backend server cost and salaries of the app maintenance team, while keeping the app free for user. If you do not want to see ads, please purchase a subscription by tapping the "Remove Ads" option in the Drawer menu.
4Is the app available in other languages?
No, the app is available only in English language. We do have a translation option in the settings menu, which will translate news source website for you, after you tap the "Continue Reading" in the news summary.
5My app is not working?
If you face any issue, please get in touch with us via email: apps04nexus@gmail.com. Please explain the issue you are facing and do share screenshots of the error screen. We will do our best to resolve the issue.
6What are the benefits of a subscribed user?
Subscription cost is $2 per 3 months. Ads within the app will be removed, your searches will be saved, you can read news offline, you can skip the news summary and you will get a better in-app browser to read the source news websites.


Why users loves us?

We take user feedback seriouly and do our best to resolve their issues in timely manner.

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